Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Recent Europa Editions . . . minus one!

The Europa Editions list on this website, #1-100, provides the titles and authors of all publications through May 2011. Below are 14 books that have been published recently or will be published later in 2011.  However, the Europa Editions catalog includes a total of 115 titles, but I can't figure out which book I'm missing!  Can you?

Unfortunately, you only can sort the books in the Europa Editions catalog by title or search books by author name. It would be so nice to search by original language and publication date! However, I did find that, on Amazon, you can search for "Europa Editions" and then sort the results by publication date.

Anyway, the fall releases look fantastic! I'm especially interested in Everything Happens Today and Take This Man.

Europa Editions, #101-114
  1. French Leave, by Anna Gavalda (May 2011)
  2. Concerto to the Memory of an Angel, by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt (June 2011)
  3. Get Me Out of Here, by Henry Sutton (June 2011)
  4. Second Reading, Notable and Neglected Books Revisited, by Jonathan Yardley (July 2011)
  5. Twelve Who Don’t Agree, by Valery Panyushkin (July 2011)
  6. You Deserve Nothing, by Alexander Maksik (August 2011)
  7. The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress, by Beryl Bainbridge (September 2011)
  8. An Accident in August, by Laurence Cosse (September 2011)
  9. Moffie, by Andre Carl van der Merwe (September 2011)
  10. Everybody’s Right, by Paolo Sorrentino (October 2011)
  11. Take This Man, by Alice Zeniter (October 2011)
  12. Everything Happens Today, by Jesse Browner (October 2011)
  13. Of Beasts and Beings, by Ian Holding (October 2011)
  14. Utu, by Caryl Ferey (October 2011)