Monday, August 8, 2011

Europa Madness

Okay, so I stop at every Borders Bookstore I pass, just to see if there is something there I need. I never come away empty-handed. I went in to a smallish store today on the off-chance they'd have something I was specifically looking for but no...what they did have was a selection of Europa Editions that were not on my to-read list, but which, when I perused them, look like "my kind of book." I really have no extra cash at the moment, but thought, in the spirit of looking for enlightenment, I really should take them home. And so...I did.

So cast your lustful eyes over my new stash and look for my reviews forthwith:
The Woman with the BouquetThe Most Beautiful Book in the World: Eight NovellasCeciliaA Novel Bookstore

The Bowed Bookshelf: Europa Madness