Wednesday, January 30, 2013

By way of introduction: Barbara B.

 Ooops. Reverse order here. I posted my first review before I introduced myself. Please accept my apologies.
 I am Barbara B., new to  challenges, new to Europa editions and new to  The Europa Challenge. Marie suggested I join this challenge when I was casting about for one. I looked over the Europa editions website, and thought these look interesting. I like literary fiction and mysteries. Europa offers both. I’m really looking forward to Europa noir.
I moved to central Virginia from Maine a little over three years ago. In Maine I was a features editor for a daily newspaper and later taught English to students with learning disabilities at a private school.
I’m enthusiastic about joining this website and have committed to six books – but if others prove as good as my first, Kerrigan’s Little Criminals, I may read far more.
I blog at