Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Book List and Book Club

Good afternoon everyone, I am so excited for this year's challenge! Having achieved Amante last year, the only logical goal to shoot for is the Luongo level this year. In addition, Marie and I are cooking up some fun themed challenges (hint: the first one may have an International crime aspect to it). I thought I would share my personal Europa list for the year as it stands:

1. Treasure Island!!!, Sara Levine
2. The Nun, Agnello Hornby, Italian
3. These Dreams of You, Steve Erickson
4. Three Weeks in December, Audrey Schulman
5. I Hadn't Understood, Diego De Silva
6. Divorce Islamic Style, Amara Lakhous
7. Utu, Caryl Ferey
8. You Deserve Nothing, Alexander Maksik
9. The Goodbye Kiss, Massimo Carlotto
10. Total Chaos, Jean-Claude Izzo
11. Little Criminals, Gene Kerrigan
12. From the Land of the Moon, Milena Agus
13. The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress, Beryl Bainbridge
14. Timeskipper, Stefano Benni
15. Margherita Dolce Vita, Stefano Benni
16. Rondo, Kazimierz Brandys
17. The Goodbye Kiss, Massimo Carlotto
18. The Art of Losing, Rebecca Cornell
19. Of Beasts and Beings, Ian Holding (reading now).

So far, so fun! If I get through these, I will have read 50 Europa Editions in total by the end of the year....

In addition, my book club is focusing almost solely on Europa Editions again this year, with The Hottest Dishes of the Tartar Cuisine, Between Two Seas and These Dreams of You lined up for January, February and March respectively. I hope, with their permission, to post as many of our discussion round-ups on the blog as well. Although, I feel like a few, such as my friend Harlan, may join up for the Challenge too! Here's to another great year of exciting books, insightful reviews and a shared passion for in-depth reading.