Monday, October 24, 2011

2012 Challenge and Our Poll

So, the poll results were pretty definitive and I won't be making any big changes as far as scheduling posts or moving the discussion group off of GoodReads. I know time is tight and we don't have time for every social network (neither do I!) but you all also have the option of posting discussion topics here if you want, or on GoodReads for that matter. If you feel strongly that the discussion posts should be posted on both this blog and GoodReads, you are free to start any conversation you'd like here. And if someone has a suggestion about how to schedule posts or manage something differently, I'm all ears.

Now that we're heading into the home stretch of 2011, I thought it might be time to start thinking about the 2012 Challenge. I know I'm up for continuing and I hope you are, too.

I was thinking of revising the challenge levels- simplifying and changing the names of the levels. I know this is totally dorky but I thought we could maybe do Ristretto Level (2 Europas-just try a little) Espresso Level (4 Europas-a little more), Cappuccino Level (6 Europas) or Caffe Luongo (12 Europas). Is this silly or do you guys like it? I'd like to encourage more people to take part by setting more modest goals. At Caffe Luongo Level you'd still be reading 1 Europa a month and you can always do more if you want.

I'm also thinking of eliminating the special challenges since it seems like no one's doing those. Which is fine. These things are works in progress. You try things, you see what works, and you try new things.

Or, we can keep things the way we did for 2011. What do you think? Whatever you think, I want to thank you all for your enthusiasm this past few months and I hope you'll want to stick around for 2012!