Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wendy reviews From the Land of the Moon by Milena Agus

I picked up From the Land of the Moon at the library on Thursday and read it in one sitting this morning. At just over 100 pages, the slim book contains a lot of emotion.

The "I" in the book tells family stories -- mostly about her unusual paternal grandmother, thought by neighbors and relatives to be quite mad but loved deeply and well by her husband, but also stories about the other women in her family. She is also plagued by kidney stones, and is sent to a spa on the mainland for a rest cure. I love the idea of rest cures, and wish I had been born when they were more common.

This is a beautiful, poetic story. The idea of romantic love and its value is examined from many angles and is perhaps even turned upside down. The sex is quite graphic, and while tasteful is not quite the right descriptor,  it is inoffensively told.

After completing my 2011 challenge, I set aside Europas for a while, but I've become a lifelong fan. I hope to stumble upon another soon.